I admit if there’s one I’m addicted to, it’s coffee. Lately, my best friend and I have been to many coffee shops, and I want to write about the coffee shops we’ve been to. However, before I begin my verdict on the first specialty coffee shop we visited, I will tell you when my coffee addiction began.


I was a year old, yes, that young! I was alone with my grandmother, and she told me I was so hungry and started crying. My mom was working and didn’t know what to do, she went to the kitchen, found no milk, and prepared black coffee for me, and the rest is history. There I think I got my love for bitter flavors and drinks. Thanks to my grandmother for introducing me to the best drink ever!

We discovered that many Specialist coffee shops have recently opened to the public, and as self-proclaimed coffee lovers, we did not hesitate to try one near our place – The Common Folk coffee shop.

The Ambiance

What I like about their ambiance is how it’s homey and modern at the same time.

That eye-catching La Marzocco coffee machine

The Coffee

Since we are not fans of frou-frou drinks, we always choose Americano coffee. We like simple things, like our coffee, with a bold and strong character.

We like our coffee with less milk and sugar because it should be enjoyed. But this coffee tastes good with chocolate sea salt cookies. So it’s a great combination!

We will be back here and try other dishes on their menu, but for now, we are trying out the new specialty coffee shops!

Before I end this post, I want to ask you, what if you never had coffee? A coffee-free day is like a day without my daily prayers. Like I couldn’t start my day without it.

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