Juan’s Place in Sta Maria Laguna is a hidden gem that feels like a little slice of Japan. The food, while Filipino bento, is absolutely delicious, and the ambiance of the place is so serene and peaceful. Even the rain adds to the beauty of the place. The best part? It’s pet-friendly! We were able to bring our two puppies and kitten to enjoy the unique accommodation in the big dome with complete amenities. Plus, there’s no need for air conditioning as it’s already chilly enough. I highly recommend Juan’s Place to anyone looking for a cozy getaway that feels like a trip to Japan.

Although I want to write more about this place, the pictures and videos speak for themselves. The sheer beauty of this location is absolutely awe-inspiring, and I believe words alone cannot do it justice. Here are some photos that I took to truly comprehend the magnificence of this place. Rest assured, you won’t regret it.

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