We had an amazing stay at Aruga! It was definitely a memorable experience, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and peaceful getaway. The sanitary measures and protocols were very intensive and made us feel comfortable throughout our stay. The city views were absolutely breathtaking, and the internet connection was very reliable – we had no problems staying connected. The staff was extremely professional and attentive, which made our stay even more enjoyable. Additionally, the nearby shopping mall and local coffee houses were a huge plus for us. We will definitely be coming back here in the future! It’s worth noting that Aruga is “Staycation approved” and is not a quarantine facility.

I want to express my gratitude towards the staff of Aruga for making our stay even more amazing by upgrading our room. It was such a thoughtful gesture and it made us feel truly appreciated. Thank you so much! ?

The location of the hotel is very convenient as it is just a short walk away from both the mall and restaurants. Additionally, I appreciate that the other facilities, such as the pool area, were still accessible, provided that an advance reservation was made. Thank you for providing such great service! ?

My favorite part of our room in Aruga – the city view plus coffee. What else could you ask for?

Overall, I highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the city. The staff was friendly and accommodating, the amenities were excellent, and the location was convenient. I hope my review has been helpful, and I can’t wait to visit again in the future!

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