My mantra, life is short. While we are here on this earth, let us thank God for all that He has given us. Why do I always say that? Because we do not know how long we will live.

Last April 22 was just a normal day for most people. We went to Makati because we had an appointment there. We had planned to find a Coffee Shop because we were early in our appointment. The first place we went to was the Habitual Specialty Coffee shop, but they were still closed. So we searched for another coffee shop and found Local Edition Coffee and Tea in Legaspi Village.

We got there around 8 AM but they were still closed. I didn’t want to move to another Coffeeshop so we waited and the staff noticed us and advised us to wait another 10 minutes. While waiting for them to open, I just took more pictures of the cafe.

A few minutes later we were told that we could come in. There were very few customers at that time. We ordered Flat White, Cafe Americano and Pancakes.

Yes, I’m a proud Coffeeholic!

The coffee was good, but the pancakes weren’t. It looks like the water used is from the tap. I didn’t finish eating it because I had a very sensitive stomach.

What I like about the place, is quiet. They also have a fast Internet connection. You can also read while you drink hot coffee as there are books available for you.

An hour later, we headed straight to our appointment after a coffee session. We were happy to finish up early on our appointment and get home before eating.

Everything was normal in the afternoon. As I was busy in the kitchen and Honey was busy with her work, she suddenly told me there was an earthquake! I was shocked and couldn’t move for a second. Honey immediately approached me and took care of everything. She immediately took the key to the house and we quickly fled the building. Although we were only on the 4th floor, we were afraid it would collapse.

I do not know how long the earthquake lasted. I just know that I thank God that nothing bad happened to us. I understand some people died from the earthquake, let’s just pray for their souls.

This is what I mentioned at the beginning of my blog. Our lives are only borrowed from God. No one knows how long we will live in this world. So, as we live, learn to be happy, to be content, and to strive to be good people and to always be grateful to God.

There is nothing permanent in this world, everything is temporary. Let’s always remember, choose to be a good person. Because for a moment, even on an ordinary day, in a blink of an eye, all your dreams in this world will fade away like a bubble. So let’s be happy for even with the little things.

Keep safe, drink your coffee and don’t forget to be grateful every day!

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