God is good indeed. We received the good news recently, something we’ve been looking forward to for so long. Sometimes you must wait because He will give it if it’s for you. If we don’t have the things we want and we have plans in our life that aren’t happening, then we think that God has a better plan for us. So let us trust God because He knows what is really for us.

This past weekend, we thought about celebrating the good news by having a coffee date. Yes, we celebrate with coffee! So we went to the new coffee shop we had discovered. It is located at Ayala Mall on The 30th. This specialty Coffee shop is called Bluesmith Coffee and Kitchen.

They stand up for what they say because they have delicious food. The volume was just right. Even though it didn’t look like it, surprisingly, it was enough, at least for me. I ordered Crispy Chicken with roasted egg sauce with a side salad. The sauce is so good!

Their freshly brewed coffee was perpetually hot and fresh. It was already included in the meal, making it even more enjoyable. The flat white coffee is strong. The milk and the foam don’t overpower the espresso, something you won’t find in any coffee shop.

The place is excellent for family, friends, and even couples. It doesn’t look spacious, but every customer has enough room. Even though it was noisy, it wasn’t noticeable, or I was just as focused on what I was eating as any other customer.

Their eye-catching quaint interior

Something that calms me down when I am at the Coffee shop. Many ideas come to my mind. I feel like I can do it all, or maybe it’s just coffee. As they say, when coffee rushes in, we realize what a lovely badass we will be. But not all coffee affects us. We still need the courage we cannot get from drinking coffee.

Above all, we must trust in God that everything we do will be successful because we trust in Him. Nothing more. At times our overconfidence in ourselves is unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with trusting ourselves, but when it is too much and leaves no room for doubts, we often hurt ourselves because we set expectations based on our confidence. And likely, we fail to realize that we have no control over everything. But by entrusting our lives to Him, who is eternal and omnipotent, we do not have to steer the wheel. We have to sit tight and enjoy the ride; His love will lead the way.

God loves you so much that He is willing to hold something from you for the perfect time!
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