I grew up playing Nintendo games. One of my favorite games is Pokemon, and my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. I’m crazy about him. All his moves are too cute to handle; even if he’s immobile, he’s still as cute as ever. I don’t usually go to theaters to watch movies, but for Pikachu, I will. Detective Pikachu’s movie is terrific; it’s simple but entertaining. I’m not going to share the story because you better watch it yourself. 🙂

Okay, I’m just sharing a tidbit to relate this post to Pikachu. He was addicted to Coffee, just like me. This is one of my favorite parts of the movie. I was so happy to see him holding a cup of Coffee, I love Pikachu, and he loves Coffee. How can I not relate to it?! So the next day, we went straight to a coffee shop I had wanted to go to. Aside from their Coffee which looks delicious, I was thrilled to see that they had so many fun action figures made of Origami.?

Be kind always, and don’t forget to drink your Coffee ?

When we got there, we were happy to knot their parking was spacious. This is one of the essential things we always look forward to when we visit Specialty Coffee houses in the metro. I also love their airy interior design. It has a touch of Urban modernity – minimalist and attractive.

Our very accommodating barista is in action making our ☕️
The very enticing cheese sandwich

The food was excellent too. I enjoyed the Cheese sandwich. Looking forward to trying other recipes on their menu the next time we visit.

Because I enjoy eating a Cheese sandwich, I didn’t even notice that I had finished drinking my Coffee! I tasted besties Coffee, and it was delicious! So I ordered another one.?

While waiting for my second cup of Coffee to be served, I noticed that they also had bookshelves, and I was taken captive. I love coffee shops where you can read books while drinking freshly brewed Coffee. So I quickly took a peek at the bookshelves, and this book caught my attention.

I love making a perfect cup of Coffee. When I was in college, my mom praised the Coffee I made for her, and since then, I have enjoyed making delicious Coffee for my loved ones. But I also wonder where and when Coffee was initially created. I want to know everything about Coffee. I want a small coffee shop with a beautiful sea view at the top of the mountain.

I will get my copy of this book ^_^

Overall, our experience at Cube Coffee PH was great. We will be returning to their coffee shop. The place was relaxing and quiet, and we enjoyed their Coffee and Pikachu.

Speaking of Pikachu, let me end this post by leaving you with some words of wisdom that will guide you along the way.

Yes, let’s choose to be kind. Let us strive to be good at everything, even with simple things. Today, the world is full of pain, so let us be the medicine to those hurting. Remember, kindness begins with ourselves. It flows like a waterfall. It never ends, but it gives joy to the heart.

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