One of the things I was looking forward to on our Taiwan trip was the hotel we stayed in Taipei. We’ve been eyeing Liz Hotel for a long time at, and we liked it instantly because the interior was out of the ordinary. See photos below from, so you know what I mean.

It’s the name we like about this hotel! Liz Hotel sounds familiar, heh?! Kababawan again! Haha, ​​I like the idea of ​​staying at Liz Hotel, kunwari hotel owner lang. Lol But seriously, we want the hotel because the 7eleven is just in front of it! Imagine it’s just one tawid away! Anyhow, here are some pictures that I took for you to see. ?

And since we arrived early and could not check-in, we left our luggage at the hotel and searched for the nearest Mcdo. Another thing we liked about the hotel was that it was close to the establishments. And yes, we really like going to Mcdo’s around the world (kala mo ang dami ng napuntahan) ? to try out their menu. We’re always curious about the Mcdonald’s menu as it varies in every country. It has been our tradition ever since we tasted the spiciest chicken wings in Mcdo, Thailand. (la lang, share ko lang) ?

After we ate, we went to the nearest park and hung out for a bit while waiting for our check-in time at 2 PM. Their check-in time is precisely 2 PM. When we arrived at the hotel, the staff promptly assisted us and provided our passports for verification. And the team politely handed our key to our room.

They don’t have a bell boy because it’s not a 5-star hotel. And since we only had one suitcase, we didn’t need one anyway. The hallway was just narrow, as shown in the photo below, but it looks like it was intentionally designed that way for it to look super cute. It’s so girly. So Lizzzz! ?

Other nationalities were staying in the hotel, which always makes our travel more enjoyable. It’s nice to chat with different people from different parts of the world, even more exciting to know that we’re all in the same place with the same mission; to explore and immerse ourselves in the local culture. So some delightful chat can indeed come out of that.

As we entered our room, we were surprised at its size! We can play the tag game! The bed is big and firm, best for people with back pain like me. LOL, We can’t wait to have our things fixed and take a little rest so that we can get around Taipei!

Oh, anyways, here are the photos of our room I took before taking a nap.

after nap photo

Yes, we ended up sleeping for about an hour before we decided to take a stroll around Taipei. Since we woke up around dinner time, we quickly picked up food from 7 eleven, and here’s what we bought.

Seven eleven in Taiwan are indeed amusing! Everything we bought was delicious. Especially the pasta. It didn’t taste like instant pasta, more like pasta served in some Italian restaurants. You can buy it if you need a quick pasta for your birthday party. Then pretend you are the one who cooked it. ? charot lang

Here are some of the products we bought from 7-Eleven. A spicy flavored Lays, pomelo juice, and pudding! ??

It’s fun to travel! It’s exciting to think that you’ve come to the places you only once dreamed of going to and savoring some of their most famous cuisines. You will learn about their culture and traditions, and above all, God has given you the chance to see the rest of the world! So let’s enjoy it while we’re here on earth. Let us not be blinded by the fleeting things, for they say, “If we put our happiness in things that last, our happiness will also last,” so make some good memories. It lasts a lifetime! ?

You can check their website for more information:

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