In November of 2016, we traveled to Chiangmai, Thailand to celebrate our birthday. This experience was quite courageous and marked many “firsts” for us. It was our first time traveling abroad together, and also our first time visiting Thailand.


On our first day of travel, we were filled with excitement as we immersed ourselves in local cultures. We had planned everything out, but quickly learned that things don’t always go as planned while traveling. However, this is part of the beauty of exploring new places. Getting lost can teach you to let go and enjoy the moment.

The highlight of our trip was our last day in Chiangmai, which turned out to be an unforgettable experience. Despite our previous mishaps, we were ready to take on any challenge. Surprisingly, we didn’t get lost this time, but instead found ourselves in a chaotic yet fun situation. We felt like seasoned travelers, even though we were still a bit nervous. We learned that our trip from Chiangmai to Bangkok would take 10 hours and require two rides, not to mention a large crowd.

The bus went crazy

When we arrived at the bus terminal, we were surprised to see a diverse group of passengers from different nationalities. It felt like we were embarking on a United Nations road trip. We were about to take a 10-hour bus ride with people from various cultures, backgrounds, and languages. My mind was filled with thoughts of all the possibilities that could happen during the long night trip. However, the experience turned out quite differently. Instead of any exciting encounters, we had to deal with a drunk passenger throughout the night.

The group of passengers sitting next to the drunkard wanted the driver to stop the bus so that the guy could vomit outside. Unfortunately, the Thai driver paid no heed to our requests and continued driving. As we discussed different plans to persuade the driver, a friendly Mexican guy approached us and asked if we were locals who could help them convince the driver. Even though we weren’t locals, we were willing to assist. We were confident that the driver would listen to us, but unfortunately, we failed to convince him.

Despite various attempts by different groups with different tactics, every effort failed miserably. This was evident as the driver refused to stop and repeatedly exclaimed, “No talk, driving!” We were initially frustrated, but eventually found the situation amusing. Adding to the hilarity, the drunk passenger fell asleep despite our attempts to convince the driver otherwise. All in all, it was an epic experience.

“Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.”

― Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Demon in My View

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