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Hello, New Year 2021! Taking a Step Back: The Importance of Disconnecting from Technology in Today’s World (long post ahead)

First of all, let’s acknowledge the end of a year filled with unexpected events. It’s important to reflect on the lessons learned and appreciate the growth that comes from facing challenges. Despite the difficulties of 2020, we have gained valuable insights about ourselves and the world around us. Let’s express gratitude for the experiences that have strengthened us and inspired us to strive for more.

In my experience, it’s not always about the year itself, but rather how we react and adapt to the challenges that come our way. It’s true that 2020 was a difficult year for many, but it’s important to remember that we all face struggles and unexpected events in our lives. I learned this lesson firsthand last year and it has helped me to approach difficult situations with a more positive and resilient mindset.

As we start this new year, I’m excited to see what opportunities and challenges come my way. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to be adaptable and open to change. Instead of focusing on specific goals or resolutions, I’m choosing to trust in the journey and have faith that everything will fall into place. Letting go and letting God has brought me a sense of peace and clarity, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this mindset takes me in the year ahead.

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