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Furry Fun in Angeles: How TJ’s Airbnb Redefined Staycations for our 5-Paw Crew

Okay, let’s get this furreal: dragging five furbabies from Quezon City to Baguio straight up sounded like a bad 80s movie. Long car rides, whimpering pups, and questionable bathroom breaks – yeah, not the vibe. So, we made a pit stop in Angeles, Pampanga, and checked in to TJ’s Airbnb – a haven for humans and hounds alike.

Listen, finding pet-friendly accommodations with a pack as big as ours is like finding a truffle without a pig – rare and oh-so-rewarding. Most places gave us the sniff-off, but TJ rolled out the welcome mat (and probably some extra lint rollers) as soon as we wagged our tails in his direction.

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