Second Day

Our second day in Taiwan was truly unforgettable! There was so much to see and do in this beautiful country, but one of the things we were most excited about was cafe hopping. We started our day off at Dadaocheng Wharf and it was amazing! The park was so beautiful and we loved seeing all of the older people exercising and riding bicycles. They were even playing frisbee! It was so inspiring to see them enjoying their time like that. Despite the rain, we still had a great time and I managed to snap some amazing pictures that I’d love to show you. Overall, it was a fantastic day and we can’t wait to see what the rest of our day has in store for us!

We decided to grab breakfast around 8 AM, but it was pouring rain outside. We quickly searched for a nearby coffee shop and booked an Uber to take us there. We arrived a bit early, so we had to wait for about 15 minutes. When the staff arrived, we kindly asked if we could come in and wait inside since it was raining so heavily. The crew was very accommodating and helped us find a nice table to sit at.

Terra Cafe can be found at Chengde Road in Datong District. We stumbled upon this café on Google and were drawn to its name. Interestingly, “Terra” sounds like a Tagalog slang for “Tara” (which means “Let’s go” in English). That’s why I titled my blog post “Terra, Kape tayo!” which translates to “Let’s go! Let’s have some coffee!” I know it might seem like a silly explanation, but I enjoy finding meaning in everything! ??

Upon entering the café, I was struck by its industrial-themed interior. The exposed brick walls, metal fixtures, and minimalist furniture all came together to create a chic and modern atmosphere. It was the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cup of coffee and some good company.

Coffee for the day

Today’s coffee experience was absolutely delightful! We indulged in our regular Cafe Americano and Flat white coffee, and couldn’t resist ordering one of the Matcha cakes with chestnuts sprinkled with almonds. The coffee was incredibly tasty and packed with flavor – it was hot, fragrant, and oh so delicious! The bartender who made it clearly has a talent for making coffee. We were blown away by their skills and are already planning our next visit. The cakes on display were also irresistible, and we highly recommend the Matcha cake with chestnuts and almonds – it was the perfect complement to our coffee. Overall, we had a fantastic experience and can’t wait to come back for more!

The Matcha cake with chestnuts and almonds was truly a delightful surprise – the texture was so soft and the flavor was rich and delicious! I never would have thought that chestnuts could make such a great addition to a Matcha cake. It’s definitely something I never knew I would enjoy, but now I can’t imagine not having it again! It’s a shame that I won’t be able to find this amazing cake back home, but I guess that just means I’ll have to plan another visit soon. ?

Focus on the good things

I have to say, even though the rainy weather was a bit of a bummer, my best friend and I still managed to have a great day. I wore my favorite shirt that says, “Focus on the good things,” and it really helped us keep a positive mindset. We stumbled upon this adorable cafe and had the most delicious cup of coffee, along with a Chestnut matcha cake that was out of this world. It just goes to show that even when things don’t go as planned, there are always hidden treasures to be found. I feel grateful for the little moments like this that make life so sweet.

It’s All About Perspective

It’s important to remember that there are so many things in life to be grateful for, even when things don’t go as planned. Instead of focusing on the negatives, try to focus on the good stuff. Remember that there is always someone watching over us, and if things don’t work out the way we want them to, there may be hidden blessings waiting for us. Keeping a positive mindset and being grateful for the little moments can make life so much sweeter.

As the rain came to a halt, we bid farewell to this lovely cafe. Though it is called an empty room, it undoubtedly holds countless memories. During our time there, we had the chance to discuss many topics. We also came to the realization that setbacks are simply a part of life’s journey. We learned that happiness is always within reach, even during the darkest of times.

There is more to life than failed plans.

Life can be challenging at times, and it’s natural to feel lost and hopeless when things don’t go as planned. However, it’s important to remember that setbacks are a part of life’s journey, and they don’t define our worth or abilities. Instead of dwelling on our failures, we should focus on how we can overcome them and grow as individuals. When faced with adversity, it’s helpful to remember that God is always present and can work miracles in our lives. Prayer is a powerful tool that can provide comfort and guidance during difficult times. May we all be blessed with the strength and resilience to overcome life’s challenges. ❤️❤️

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